Welcome to my new blog about Landscaping!

Welcome to my web page about landscaping to any residential establishment to add curb appeal and the inviting feel that it provides for the front of  a home. We buy houses around Atlanta and have come to find out that landscaping around the front and side yard of a home means a world of difference in sales times and overall price of the home sale price in general. When you compare a home for sale with a musty, dingy and stale front yard with no trimming, bushes, or pine straw around the house and trees, it really is not very appealing versus one that does have it. It is the number one factor in determining if someone will want to see the home further. If you need a roofer Lilburn GA on the other hand, call my guys at Detailed Roofing and Construction.

Lets take a gander at what I am talking about. The inside of house can be perfectly updated with the latest kitchens and bathroom fixtures, tile flooring and appliances. Hardwood floors, light fixtures and the whole nine, but no one will ever see it if they drive up and around the house and see an awful front yard. We see it over and over again, homeowners who are just unwilling to spruce up the front yard for maximum curb appeal. Heck, I have a  friend at movers Catonsville MD that does this to a tee. It really is not that expensive, you can have grass seed make the grass greener which is a huge part of it, put down some inexpensive pine straw or mulch around the base of the house and around the sides to show a lot of attention to detail. Just a few bushes planted around the home as well will go a long way, and makes the person viewing the house think in their head, “well they must take care of the inside of the house as well if the yard looks this good”. So the overall traffic into the home will increase with a well manicured front lawn. It is not that expensive, for $300 you can have a landscaper cut, put out grass seed for a few months, edge the driveway, pull weeds, trim the bushes and overgrown limbs on the trees, and put down pine straw. This is a very economical way to put the shine on the exterior of a house without breaking the bank!

All to often we see homeowners who are unwilling to spend the time or money upgrading the lawn for a few hundred bucks in order to increase the curb appeal for a home. I mean, how hard is it? You call a landscaper and they will knock this out in 1 day! Pine straw around the edge of the home, and around all bushes and mailbox will go a long way in having a well manicured looking yard. Sometimes the entire home will be updated where the seller spent $20,000 to renovate the exterior and interior of the home, and fail to do any yard maintenance! Simply clueless.

There you have it folks, the intro to this blog about landscaping and how much of a difference it makes to having a well maintained yard and overall curb appeal. Don’t make the mistake that some homeowners make when listing their house for sale, get the yard done and make it look nice!

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