Landscaping Secrets, Front and back yard.

This blog post I figured I would do something out of stealth mode to give you some insight on exactly what to spend the money and time on in the front and back yard. The back yard isn’t quite as import and as the front yard overall, but still part of the strategy nevertheless. ┬áMy partner who does some house deals with us over at Towson Emergency Movers knows a thing or two about sprucing up the front yard, as well as the back yard. He likes to do a fire pit in a lot of his renovated properties, just to give it the sizzle factor. That is one thing that every home needs is a sizzle factor, meaning a feature that is over the top or something that everyone in today’s market is looking for.

A few of these sizzle features that you may want to consider are relatively easy to do, or hire a landscaper for. One is to plant bushes with flowers around the base of the home in the front yard, and maybe extend to the sides if necessary. These bushes will give the yard a uniform appeal, have pretty flowers during blooming season, and you can put pine straw or mulch around them to further dress up. Also, you can carve out a small walk way in the front yard from the driveway over to the front door if possible. This entails digging up the grass in a straight or curved line over to the front door first to separate from the yard. Then, you would lay down stones to step on for the walkway, gravel, or any hard objects that would keep your feet dry over and above the wet grass. This is a great way to make the yard look more manicured, and dress it up a little. I mentioned a fire pit in the previous paragraph which is a newer feature that is popping up in backyards across America. They are a nice way of getting folks to sit around a fire at night/dusk for a cold beverage and be out of the house. You would dig a round circle in the yard, not very deep, and then install one of the pre-built ones from the home box stores, or just put stones and rocks around the edges of the dug out area. Then, you can put the comfortable lawn chairs or nicer looking ones for everyone to gather around.

As you can see, there are limitless options for landscaping and making the yard look nice. I mean, heck, some yards just need the grass cut, bushes trimmed, and driveway edged around for the clean up. And, in some areas, the market is so hot that you wouldn’t need to go overboard with landscaping. This post is to just enlighten you on a few options you have with beefing up the yard and making your home stand out from the competition. Hope it helps, and keep mowing!