Pools and Pool Decks

On this post we will focus on pools and the value that they add along with a nice looking pool deck for a home. Pools are a funny thing, and in some areas actually may decrease the value of a property since a lot of buyers don’t want a pool for their house. In the south, they are nice to have essentially because it is hot and sweaty six months out of the year. Especially in Florida where it is hot and sweaty more like eight to ten months out of the year. They do require a good bit of upkeep though, so it is important to remember this and the area in which you live to determine if it is a good fit or not.

We actually bought a house several years ago in Lilburn, GA and were rehabbing the property to put back on the market to re-sale. It had a pool that was left un touched for several years and required a lot of repairs. The budget was tight on that home, and after getting a few repair quotes for the pool around $6,000 to fix, we opted to fill it in and landscape the area that only costed around $2,000. Sometimes you have to just cut bait and cover the pool up to get the home sold since a lot of people may not want the pool, or it could just be too expensive to repair the liner, pump, and filter system. We also had the gutters repaired by my friend at gutter cleaning Johns Creek. The home ended up selling but we ended up breaking even on this one since it took almost seven months to sell.

Getting back to the pool and the landscaping areas around it, you really need to determine what kind of neighborhood you are in with the home first. So, if it is a middle class median priced home, a regular pool with a nice concrete deck is probably going to be just fine. As long as it looks nice and clean and neat, that will do for these median priced homes. The pools always have to be enclosed (at least here in Georgia) with a fence so that neighbors and children cannot get into the area. Now, if the home is in an upper income area and a nicer neighborhood, then you will want to think about landscaping a little more around the pool area and some other touches on the pool deck. In these neighborhoods, it is typical to have the stone pool deck, waterfalls, and outdoor grill areas for a barbecue. It will definitely cost more for these types of upgrades but the money will come back when the home is resold since the buyers are looking for more touches like these on the pool decks.

Another newer option for these pools are the ability to have a salt water pool instead of chlorine. They are a lot less expensive to maintain and keep up over the years and only require dumping some salt into the pool instead of the regular chemicals that the traditional chlorine pools take.

So there you have it, if you decide on installing a pool to a residence, just make sure that there will be a re-sale market for it down the road. There are a few areas in the country where a pool will not be a desirable add on to a home and the buyers significantly shrink when trying to sell. All in all, pools are a boatload of fun to have when you are using it all the time, but costly and time consuming when you aren’t enjoying them every year.