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Staffing the business can be a matter of many headaches, especially if your business has a heavy turnover like a retail store or a food service chain. The only upside in the modern era is that you can be good candidates for the position if you can draw the attention of people who are in search of similar jobs. 

To that end, the signs declaring that your company is hiring now are very important to spread the word around. The bold and eye-catchy statement will trigger potential candidates to apply for the post soon. But to generate this response, you need to keep certain factors in mind. 

Factor #1: Maintain the tone of urgency

There is always a huge difference in the response from the customers when you declare a general discount and a limited period offer. The moment you create urgency to grab the deal, people will rush in to buy immediately.

The same applies to the signs about hiring potential candidates. The urgency must be there in the tone of the message. Or you can add some last date of application that will make the candidates hurry up and apply fast before you withdraw the opportunity.

Factor #2: Precise but sufficient

Nobody has time to read a long message on the signboard. But everyone will read the precise message, maybe a couple of words only, that is enough to let people know that you have a vacancy in the company. 

Putting unnecessary information on the signboard will make it appear cluttered. Instead, keep the message short on the now hiring sign so that people will get enough information without learning further. 

Factor #3: Clever use of color

If you want to portray your company as a good employer, the confidence must show on the signboard. Use of the bold colors t declare that you are hiring now will be ideal for drawing the attention of the prospective candidates and also making your signboard stand out in the crowd of various advertising signboards.

  • When you are planning for large format printing, you must consider the size of the font and its color with respect to the average viewing distance from which people will typically see the board.
  • Stick to the contrast hues like white on blue, or red that will complement the colors of your brand.

Getting professional help in this regard will be a feasible option. 

Factor #4: contact information

Many of you think that the font size for the contact information should be small to minimize distraction. But that’s completely opposite to what is actually effective. Without the contact details clearly visible, how will a person know where to apply for the post? 

  • Contact information should be present in legible font size and color.
  • There should be links to the social media handles as well as the email address to help people know that you exist on the digital platform too.

The affordable designing companies will make sure that you get to design the most appropriate signboard that will earn the attention of the best candidates.