Seasoned corporate lawyer Mr. Satwinder Singh, Partner at Vaish Associates Advocates along with Mr. NPS Chawla, Associate Partner and three Principal Associates, namely Mr. Sujoy Datta, Mr. Kalpit Khandelwal and Mr. Lokesh Dhyani have moved out from Vaish with team and have started a new journey as Aekom Legal.   A closely knit team, Mr. Singh and Mr. Chawla were at Vaish Associates for over 24 years and 14 years respectively and the other three also had a long stint.

With the aforesaid 5 partners, Aekom has been launched with an agile team of 25+ practitioners. Its initial focus areas continue to be corporate and securities laws matters, in bound and out-bound transactions, mergers and acquisitions, acquisitions of stressed assets under IBC, corporate restructuring, real estate and stamp duty matters. The firm also continues to be strongly focused on its dispute resolution practise including arbitration, IBC and company law matters, derivative suits, class action suits, oppression mismanagement petitions, white collar crimes and a wide gamut of civil suits. However, Mr. Singh and team envision an aggressive growth plan for transforming Aekom into a full-service law firm.

The name Aekom is derived from Gurbani “Aekonkar” or in Hindi the word “एक ॐ” and reflects the ethical mindset, fair thinking approach and resolute integrity that are the firm’s core values. Mr. Singh comments that “Aekom Legal is a journey towards providing legal services to our clients with highest standards of professionalism and integrity”.

In the words of Mr. Chawla “Aekom Legal will specialise in innovative, business-oriented solutions to corporates and also provide  tactical dispute resolution support. Unwavering ethics, uncompromisable quality and timely delivery are core beliefs at Aekom.

New coordinates for Mr. Singh and Mr. Chawla are [email protected] and [email protected].