Alexander Vindman’s wife RAGES at NBC for telling the truth about her and her husband on Twitter –

Whoa … NBC actually covered the news? GET OUTTA HERE.

We had to check twice that this was from NBC but it is.

Look at this!

From NBC News:

“I’m just coming up with coping mechanisms for how I can still use this thing,” said Alex Vindman, the former Army lieutenant colonel and National Security Council official who was at the center of former President Donald Trump’s first impeachment.

Vindman first joined Twitter while working in the Trump administration because it was often the way his then-boss, the president, made policy.

But he’s now become a pseudo-celebrity on the platform, with almost 850,000 followers interested in his views on Trump and the war in Ukraine, where he was born. His wife, liberal activist and podcaster Rachel Vindman, has almost 400,000 followers, making them a progressive Twitter power couple.


Ok, so the only reason we found this article was because Rachel Vindman was ticked off about it.

She totally missed what he was saying while simultaneously proving his point.

Way to go, Vindman’s wife.

Rachel wasn’t the only one fussing at NBC:

They are SO MAD.

Guess they’re not digging this whole new level playing field.


Sweet baby Jeebus.

They really think like this.

That they are THIS mad about it tells us it’s quite the opposite.

And on point.



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