I’ve been touring the 2nd 50 percent of this 7 days, and am continue to digesting the Dobbs and Bruen instances in preparation for a considerably afterwards than usual Three Whisky (Very) Satisfied Hour podcast taping tonight with specific guest John Yoo, but I at the very least have time to seem at  some of the rank hypocrisy on the still left.

Get started with our doddering president, Sluggish Joe. The New York Moments reminds us:

Mr. Biden entered the Senate in 1973 as a 30-calendar year-previous practicing Catholic who quickly concluded that the Supreme Court went “too far” on abortion legal rights in the Roe case. He instructed an interviewer the following 12 months that a woman should not have the “sole right to say what ought to occur to her entire body.”

And David Harsanyi reminds us:

Though we’re on the subject matter of Gradual Joe’s at any time slower synapses:

But Biden has level of competition in Sen. Dick “Turban” Durbin:

But in actuality the biggest hypocrite now is French President Emmanuel Macron:

But there’s a dilemma. France just very last December liberalized its abortion regulation to limit most abortions just after . . . 14 weeks (one particular week shorter than the Mississippi legislation at challenge in Dobbs, and up from 12 weeks in earlier French law). And according to Euractiv, Macron opposed the improve:

I seem to remember Macron last 12 months complaining about lousy American tips coming to France.  Heh.

Chaser—the dissent by the 3 liberal Justices speaks solely of “women” and “women’s rights,” even while none of the 3 is a biologist. This anomaly is not dropped on the id politics enforcers:

At last, my most loved sentence in the dissent by the a few liberal Justices:

For an additional 60 pages in actuality.