Even though we are all waiting on present day installment of The Trump Hearings, I
thought I’d bring to your interest a thing I noticed in
The NYTimes:

Distinguished conservatives who worked to oust Donald Trump in 2020 are back again —
with a system to commit at the very least $10 million to defeat candidates who
embraced the previous president’s conspiracy theories about that election.

The group of conservatives, the Republican Accountability PAC, has
identified G.O.P. candidates whose extreme views its leaders deem
perilous to the upcoming of American democracy.

In 14 races throughout six key swing states — Arizona, Georgia, Michigan,
Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin — the team has decided to toss its
excess weight behind individuals candidates’ Democratic opponents.

You saw “Pennsylvania” on that listing, suitable? So you know exactly where this is going,

It really is going proper below:

Somewhere else, the team expects to emphasis on portraying
Doug Mastriano, the Republican nominee for governor of Pennsylvania, as well outside the house the
mainstream of G.O.P. politics.

So, yea. Welcome aboard! Superior to see you.

The PAC resides here and from its
About Us web site we can understand how
they see by themselves:

The Republican Accountability PAC (RAPAC) is operate by Republicans, previous
Republicans, and conservatives who are battling again from Donald
Trump’s takeover of the GOP. We stand in opposition to any candidate who downplays
the January 6 insurrection, lies about the 2020 election, or threatens our

RAPAC needs to elect liable men and women who are not heading to tell lies,
distribute conspiracy theories, or undermine our institutions. We will search for to
hold today’s GOP accountable and defeat candidates at all amounts of
govt that pick out loyalty to Trump above their responsibility to the nation.

So it is only normal that they will eventually set their sights in PA Condition
Senator (and now GOP candidate for PA Gov) Doug Mastriano.

Oops, my slip-up! They have now begun:


Truly feel free of charge to peruse the relaxation of the page and see what some
Republicans (and previous Republicans) are indicating about Doug.

Issues like:

Doug Mastriano is a radical conspiracy theorist and serial
We just can’t permit him any where near the governor’s
place of work.

And in the function you want to hear the oldies, there is certainly always The
Lincoln Venture:

I surprise if Doug Mastriano appreciates about the Republican Accountability PAC. And if so, does he care?