Biden Endorses Jew Terrorist Zelensky’s Fake “Peace Plan,” Vows Infinity Weapons Again, by Andrew Anglin

If you looked at the actual “peace plan” Zelensky has put forward, you would be briefly confused and then start laughing.

It literally says Russia must withdraw all troops and then apologize for the invasion.

It’s a totally fake thing. If Russia wants to withdraw troops, surrender, and apologize, they don’t need Zelensky’s permission, they do not need to sign a document before doing so.

The US and other European countries are seeing the polls showing people are tired of the war and want peace, so they told Zelensky to float a fake peace plan. They can just keep saying “Zelensky has a peace plan, but Russia won’t agree to it.”

Very few will go read the “peace plan” and see that it says “Russia should surrender and then apologize.”


US President Joe Biden has promised more military support for Ukraine, while also praising proposals for peace laid out by his counterpart, Vladimir Zelensky. He made the comments as the two leaders spoke by phone on Saturday. Moscow has called Zelensky’s roadmap unworkable.

President Biden welcomed President Zelensky’s stated openness to a just peace based on fundamental principles enshrined in the United Nations Charter,” the White House said in a statement.

By the way – the UN Charter is not responsible for this war.

The UN Charter says that Russians in the Donbass must have self-determination, and the entire purpose of this war is to deny them that.

The UN Charter is just another thing no one who believes media narratives is ever going to read.

Biden also pledged to continue military and other aid to Kiev by “prioritizing efforts to strengthen Ukraine’s air defense.” The promise came after the Pentagon unveiled its most recent aid package on Friday, which includes additional HIMARS rockets and 80,000 155mm artillery rounds, as well as “counter air defense capability.”

Zelensky thanked Biden “for consistent support of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, for leadership in consolidating international efforts to counter Russian aggression,” according to a statement by his office.

The statement added that Zelensky “emphasized that Ukraine wants to achieve peace” with Moscow. Kiev unveiled its ten-step “peace formula” last month, which calls for Russia to withdraw its troops and “confirm Ukraine’s territorial integrity.”

Everything about this insane war against Russia is entirely dependent on mass information control. Without censorship, it would not be possible.

It’s so, so much worse than Iraq, because with the Ukraine, you can prove they’re lying about everything.

They’re literally lying about a publicly available document, because no one in the media is going to tell people it doesn’t say what they say it says, because the media is totally run by the same Jews who run the Ukraine and the US government.

My hope is that New Twitter will serve as a platform to push some of this information into the public square, so people can decide if it is really worth collapsing the entire Western economy so that hate-filled Jews can murder Russians in the East of the Ukraine.

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