If you have been convicted of a criminal charge in Georgia, you have the right to appeal that decision. An appeal involves asking an appellate court to review your trial record for legal errors that may have impacted the outcome of your case.

Appeals are a complex process that requires thorough research and skill to argue. Choosing an attorney who has experience in Georgia appeals can make all the difference in whether or not your appeal succeeds.


Appeals can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case. Whether you are facing a criminal conviction or a federal crime, an effective appeal could have your case overturned or sent back to the trial court for a retrial.

Appellate practice is a challenging and technical area of law that requires the expertise of experienced attorneys. A good appeal lawyer is able to identify errors in your case and frame them into an argument that convinces the court to reverse its decision.

A Georgia appellate attorney will review your case with you, assessing its chances for an appeal and considering what path would be best for your unique case. An inexperienced appeal attorney in Georgia who works on the case as it comes up might be the cheapest option, but can also result in missing critical steps or making mistakes that would harm your chances of winning.

An experienced appeals lawyer will have a proven record of success. Many lawyers who have never successfully handled an appeal will be hesitant to pursue an appeal, even in cases where they believe there is a solid legal basis for it.


Whether you’re dealing with a civil or criminal case, it is important to work with an attorney that is well-versed in appeals. Appeals involve an application to a higher court that seeks to overturn the original decision by the lower court.

A successful appeal depends on the lawyer’s ability to identify errors and frame them into a compelling argument that will be persuasive to the judge. A lawyer without appellate experience could make critical mistakes or miss crucial steps that could have a lasting impact on your freedom.

As one of Georgia’s leading appellate lawyers, Scott has specialized expertise in winning high-stakes appeals. His arguments have overturned murder verdicts, reshaped state constitutional law, and saved clients’ lives.

Appeals are a complicated and technical area of the law, which is why you need to choose an attorney who has extensive experience in this particular field. At Griffin Durham Tanner & Clarkson, we understand the process and can help you craft a strong brief that will be effective before the appeals court.


An appeal in a criminal case is an excellent way to challenge your conviction and seek a fresh start. An attorney in the know will make you aware of your rights to an appeal and help you craft a winning strategy. You can count on an experienced Georgia appellate lawyer to provide guidance in the right areas and be your cheerleader when it comes to navigating this complicated system.

The best appeal lawyers are verified and have an impressive track record of obtaining the desired results. This is accomplished through independent accrediting authorities such as Lead Counsel. These reputable attorneys have undergone extensive scrutiny to ensure that they have met the criteria of stringent qualifications and are in good standing with their state bar associations. Among their many credentials, they have the experience and expertise to craft an appealing and well-thought out appeals strategy for you. For instance, they will be able to identify the most appropriate venue for your appeal and assist you in making the best use of your time and budget.


If you lose your case at trial, an appeal can be filed to the Court of Appeals or Supreme Court in Georgia. This is a process where you ask the higher court to review your trial record for legal errors that could have affected your case.

An attorney with extensive appellate experience will know what judges look for in an appeal and how to argue your case effectively. Without this expertise, your chances of success may be minimal.

The majority of an appeal attorney’s time is spent writing briefs that are then submitted to the Court of Appeals or Supreme Court. This is a complicated and time-consuming process that involves researching your entire case and reviewing all of the transcripts.

An appeal attorney will be able to provide an estimate of how much time it will take to complete your case. This depends on the number of parties involved, whether motions were filed, how long the trial lasted and other factors.

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