MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Lately, Delegate Barbara Evans Fleischauer, D-Monongalia, penned a letter to the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Stability Agency (CISA) inquiring for its support to designate the Mylan Prescribed drugs plant as significant to the countrywide safety infrastructure.

Viatris, the firm which owns the plant, introduced options in 2020 to cease all functions no afterwards than July 31, 2021. Nonetheless, Fleischauer mentioned, that will result in the reduction of approximately 1,500 work. That is why she needs CISA to action in because once the plant is specified as important to the nationwide stability infrastructure, the planned closure can be avoided.


Prescription drugs are significant infrastructure. And if you think about it, we’ve experienced a great deal of shortages for the duration of COVID that have been relevant to pharmaceutical products, so and I’m conscious of a whole lot of remedies created in India and China that have experienced recalls — many. And we’re supposed to have the Federal Drug Administration examine all plants, but obviously, they are not likely to be inspecting any plants in India at any time quickly offered how critical their COVID trouble is. So, I think it’s just totally inconsistent with the president’s purchase not to designate this plant as significant infrastructure.”

Barbara Evans Fleischauer (D – Monongalia, 51)

The president’s order that Fleischauer is referring to is President Biden’s govt buy he signed on on Feb. 24, 2021.

In her letter, Fleischauer said “President Biden issued an Government Buy acknowledging the value of addressing risks to sustaining a safe domestic supply chain for prescribed drugs and active pharmaceutical elements. In that Order and subsequent directives, the pharmaceutical business is regarded as a single of 16 crucial infrastructure sectors whose assets, devices and networks are viewed as so vital to our place that their incapacity or destruction would have a debilitating outcome on countrywide security, countrywide public well being or protection or any mix thereof. (Presidential Policy Directive, PPD-21).”

Mylan’s Plant in Morgantown

If CISA can designate Mylan as a significant infrastructure, not only will work be saved, but they will be stopped from likely abroad, the Delegate explained.

Also, Fleischauer would have attained the identical point as the female from whom she drew inspiration.

U.S. Rep. Diana Harshbarger, R-TN, wrote a letter to CISA to aid help save a community plant in Bristol, TN. The request was authorised and the plant, which specialised in antibiotics, was specified as vital to the countrywide infrastructure, so it averted closure.

“Your Agency provided a comparable designation for the previous GSK antibiotic facility situated in Bristol Tennessee,” Fleischauer wrote to CISA. “The CISA designation was vital in rescuing that facility from imminent closure on February 4, 2021.”

To aid her result in, Fleischauer claimed, she has asked many of her colleagues for support. She is hoping they can assist to make a change and help save Mylan.

“I have questioned my colleagues in the legislature and in Congress and in the city and the County Fee to be a part of me in this ask for because I think it’s a way that could work,” Fleischauer claimed. “We’ve been all trying to assume of a way and we’re hoping this may quite possibly be the way.” 

Mylan’s Plant in Morgantown

The way to not only help you save the about 1,500 careers that are immediately impacted by a likely closure but also mitigate the ripple outcomes it could have in the neighborhood, Felishauer claimed.

“These people go to community bars,” she reported. “They go to regional eating places. They go to hair salons. All of those industries are going to be influenced by the loss of these employees and their families — their spending electrical power.”

Fleischauer mentioned she sees petitioning CISA as a prolonged shot, but she thinks it is a mission worthy of her and other lawmakers’ efforts.

“I never know what the hope is, but this is a true hail mary pass to consider to conserve this plant and I feel it would make perception. If they were being ready to do it with a pharmaceutical plant in Bristol, TN, why cannot that come about in Morgantown, WV? And I hope my colleagues be a part of in with this request,” reported Fleischauer.