EU to provide two billion euros to top-up Ukraine military aid fund

European Union foreign ministers have agreed to put another two billion euros into a fund used to pay for military support for Ukraine.

The fund has been largely depleted after almost ten months of war since Russia’s illegal invasion.

Meeting in Brussels on Monday, the ministers said further top-ups are also possible.

“We will assist Ukraine in repairing its energy system,” EU High Representative Josep Borrell told the EU Foreign Affairs Council, “we will increase our electricity exports to Ukraine; we will continue working to ensure accountability for all involved in this war in order to make impunity impossible.”

Ministers were also planning to discuss a ninth package of sanctions on Russia, as well as new sanctions on Iran over its crackdown on anti-government protests.

“We consider unacceptable the use of capital punishment as a tool to repress the protesters,” said Borrell. “In the new package of sanctions for human rights violations we are targeting those responsible for this continued repression against protesters.”

Twenty individuals and one entity were sanctioned over human rights abuses, while four more people and as many entities were added over the issue of drone supplies to Russia.

Sanctions include asset freezes and a travel ban to the EU.

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