Antonio Mateu Lahoz, the controversial referee who officiated Argentina’s quarterfinal encounter against the Netherlands on December 9, has been “sent home.” “according to media sources Argentina advanced to the semifinals, but Lionel Messi was surprisingly critical of him after the game.

Lahoz was called out for making questionable decisions in a contest that was constantly disrupted by rising flares from both teams, issuing a total of 15 yellow cards.

After the game, Messi indicated that he did not want to discuss referees for fear of being penalized. People saw what happened, he added, adding that FIFA must solve the matter since such a referee should not be in charge of a game as important as the one between Argentina and the Netherlands. He stated that the referee must be capable of addressing the issue.

According to media sources, Lahoz has been “sent home.” “and will not be participating in any form in the final four games. It should be noted that his return to his homeland may have nothing to do with the Argentina game. Online supporters, on the other hand, have not shied away from speculating that Messi may have finally received his wish.

FIFA has confirmed a disciplinary case against Argentina’s Lionel Messi-led team for on-field conflicts and violating FIFA’s code of conduct during the Netherlands vs Argentina match.

“The FIFA Disciplinary Committee has opened proceedings against the Argentinian Football Association due to potential breaches of articles 12 (Misconduct of players and officials) and 16 (Order and security at matches) of the FIFA Disciplinary Code during the Netherlands vs Argentina FIFA World Cup match,” according to a FIFA statement.

Messi was enraged with Netherlands Head Coach Louis Van Gaal following a tense World Cup quarter-final match. According to Argentine defender Nicolas Otamendi, Dutch players attempted to divert their attention during the penalty shoot-out, resulting in his teammates celebrating in front of their Dutch opponents after the win.

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