Highest-paying state job openings in IL for job seekers

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How much can you make in the government sector? Here’s a few of the openings, with salaries, currently listed for the state of Illinois.

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While recruiters across the country have recently struggled to hire during the Great Resignation, Illinois employers are falling behind most of the country in filling job openings, according to a June 29 ranking.

The WalletHub list considered job opening rates in April 2022 and in the past 12 months prior, and the firm gave Illinois an 8th place spot for States Where Employers Are Struggling the Most in Hiring.

As inflation has forced Americans to stretch budgets farther, wages play an important role in a job-seeker’s interest in roles.

With that in mind, we’ve rounded up some of Illinois’ high-paying government job openings. More than 150 positions were listed on the job search board as of Thursday morning. Options included jobs in finance, engineering, nursing and more.

Here’s a list of Illinois’ government jobs with high salaries, with some positions advertising maximum monthly pay over $10,000.

Director of Nursing

Salary: $9,344 to $10,417 per month

Agency: Department of Human Services

Application deadline: Aug. 4

Description: “The Division of Mental Health is seeking to hire a licensed Registered Nurse to serve as the Director of Nursing and to oversee and supervise professional and paraprofessional nursing staff in the care and treatment of psychiatric patients at the Alton Mental Health Center located in Alton, Illinois.”

The position is based in Alton.

Finance Manager

Salary: $6,700 to $8,333 per month

Agency: Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum

Application deadline: Aug. 4

Description: “This position serves as the Finance Manager for the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum (ALPLM), a world class institution that welcomes more than 250,000 visitors every year and that houses one of the world’s best collections of Lincoln-related documents, artifacts and audiovisual materials. The incumbent will monitor, manage and oversee a variety of fiscal duties related to carrying out the agency’s mission.”

The position is based in Springfield.

Vocational & Training Administrator

Salary: $6,250 to $7,917 per month

Agency: Department of Human Services

Application deadline: Aug. 3

Description: “The Division of Developmental Disabilities is seeking to hire an energetic and detail-oriented administrator to provide leadership and oversight of the vocational and training services provided at the Mabley Development Center in Dixon. The Mabley Developmental Center serves a broad spectrum of individuals with behavioral and medical needs.”

The position is based in Dixon.

Civil Engineer V – Bridge Maintenance Engineer

Salary: $6,445 to $10,210 per month

Agency: Department of Transportation

Application deadline: Aug. 3

Description: “This position is accountable for the operation, inspection, minor repair work, and routine maintenance of all state-maintained bridges and subways in the district.”

This position is based in Ottawa.

Field Operations Section Manager, Bureau of Water/Public Water Supplies

Salary: $7,500 to $10,000 per month

Agency: Environmental Protection Agency

Application deadline: Aug. 8

Description: “The Division of Public Water Supply/Bureau of Water is seeking a qualified individual to serve as the Field Operations Section (FOS) Manager located in Springfield, IL. The selected candidate will possess strong leadership and communication skills and be willing to use innovative ways to guide the FOS and its staff consisting of approximately 21 individuals to achieve goals and missions of the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA).”

This job is based in Springfield.

You can search for more Illinois government jobs online. As of Thursday morning, 162 positions were listed on the jobs portal.

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