In 2021, Statista recorded that 45% of the surveyed shoppers from the United States stated they had scanned QR codes related to marketing.

Through that figure, many shoppers surveyed believed they would scan more QR codes in the future. This led to an increase of 96% in QR code reach over the same time from 2018-to 2020, according to Blue Bite’s 2021 QR code statistics report. 

With the QR code technology continuing to evolve, the question now lies on how businesses can better promote themselves with this offline to online tool.

The answer is simple. Learn the best QR code uses, and know that there exists one great but rare QR code feature that can provide a more personalized user experience for your customers: the multi-URL QR code. 

You can try creating one using a QR code generator online that has this feature. 

What is a multi-URL QR code, and how does it work?

A multi-URL QR code is a dynamic QR code that stores more than two or more URLs in one code. This option displays the content programmed by the user. For instance, it can show the content according to the scanner’s device location, time of day, or language. 

Multi-URL QR codes can come in different styles and patterns using a free QR code generator with logo software online. 

These can be great for businesses that plan to promote their brand internationally or reach a wider pool of leads and conversions. It’s impressive for users, and highly customizable by businesses for big marketing campaigns.

It saves a lot of time and money as it won’t need multiple QR codes in one campaign. The result is a seamless and more personalized buyer’s journey.

The power of Multi-URL QR codes in promoting your business

If you plan to use the power of multi-URL QR codes to promote your business, you must first learn about its key features and best uses.

1. Location-based feature

As the traditions and beliefs between locations vary, businesses can incorporate the location-based feature in promoting their business to their target audience. 

Using one can create location-relevant campaigns and minimize the instances of getting their promotions banned due to some campaign discrepancies. 

2. Language-based feature

To help your customers better understand your brand, you can use the language-based feature of a multi-URL QR code for your business promotions. 

For users that natively speak and read Mandarin, you can embed a mandarin version of your campaign and label it while also incorporating the English version of it in the QR code.

For big brands looking to create a worldwide marketing campaign, it’s easy to set the QR code and have your customers read it in the language of their location. Make sure your QR code generator offers translations to your preferred languages.

3. Scans-based content display feature

Promote a campaign that depends on the number of scans the QR code receives. You can also include promos that vary on the scans the scanner is aligned to and make it into a loop. Deals can include giving a discount to the 500th scanner, or a new discount code generated for every 50 scans. It’s all up to you.

4. OS-based feature

The OS-based feature is mainly used and targeted at customers with a different device operating system, i.e., Android and IOS. This feature is ideal for promoting your mobile app download. 

Through this, the scanner doesn’t have to go to their designated app store to search and download the app. They can easily scan the code and it will install your app automatically.

5. Time-based feature

The time-based feature is one great way for businesses to create time-bounded promos for their companies. They can use the time-bounded part of the multi-URL QR code to run a happy hour promotion for your business. 

For restaurants, they can use this feature to display the right menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The possibilities for this time-based feature is endless, and it can be a nice touch for promoting your promos and events.

More people are scanning QR codes to obtain information related to marketing or contactless operations. And with them getting the hang of scanning, viewing, and sharing data using QR codes, businesses today can incorporate its use in promoting their business. 

To display target-specific content for their scanners, they can use the power of multi-URL QR codes to automate and ensure that the information goes to the right target audience.