I Have Big Boobs & Never Found A Chest Tape I Liked – But My Amazon Find Gives Me The Best Cleavage

THIS woman with big boobs could never find chest tape that she liked until she found one from Amazon that has given her the best cleavage.

It could prove difficult to find the magic product that will keep your breasts looking amazing in any outfit when you have a larger chest.

Deana found a chest tape that gives her breasts amazing supportCredit: TikTok/@__deanaaa

The tape gives her a nice lift and amazing cleavage

The tape gives her a nice lift and amazing cleavageCredit: TikTok/@__deanaaa

Luckily, a Texas-based woman with big boobs has revealed the game-changing Amazon buy that gives her bust some extra support.

In a video, Deana explained how she gets the magic-working boob tape to give her the ultimate lift.

She demonstrated how she uses it, stretching the tape from the bottom of her breast all the way to the top of her chest.

After applying the tape there was a stark difference in both of her breasts.

The boob tape gave her a nice lift and amazing cleavage.

Deanna said that whenever she uses the tape she cuts the excess off to ensure it can’t be seen when she’s wearing a deep plunge shirt.

The tape comes in the shades ‘Chocolate’ and ‘Vanilla.’

In the Amazon reviews, people sang the tapes praises.

One woman wrote: “I’m happy with the lift that this tape gives.

“I’m a 38DDD and I wasn’t expecting any miracles, but this gives a nice natural lift without the dreaded strapless bra.

“I do wish the roll was longer, as one application takes a lot for bigger busted girls, but still cheaper than Brassy Bra! (Still need to try it for a whole day in the heat/ sweat).”

Another super satisfied woman said: “I was a complete non-believer!!! BUT THIS TAPE!!!!! I’m still in shock!!! I’m a 40DDD. I needed a solution for my wedding dress and now I have it!!!”

A third reviewer commented on the tape’s ability to withstand the heat.

They said: “I used this for a wedding in Florida in the middle of June OUTSIDE. It held up through all of the sweat and movement.

“I have DDs that need alll of the assistance in looking cute in a dress. This tape did it all. I am a buyer for life. 10/10.”

And a final person detailed their experience using the tape, also commenting on its performance in the heat.

They said: “I used this tape for the first time while in Tulum Mexico, and when I tell you it was hot! Despite that, this tape did not budge.

“This is also the first time I used a tape this size, and it was so much easier to apply. I really could have went with one layer but I was afraid it wouldn’t stay (I was wrong).

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“Also I’m a 38G and the tape made me feel and look so much smaller!”

However, they said: “I would love for the rolls to be bigger and for there to be more shades to compliment a variety of skin tones.”

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