Filipino indie pop band IV Of Spades were spotted at the rehearsals for Eraserheads‘ upcoming reunion concert.

The group comprising of Zild Benitez, Blaster Silonga and Badjao De Castro were spotted hanging out at the rehearsals for Eraserheads’ much-awaited Huling El Bimbo concert alongside former frontman Unique Salonga in new social media posts from concert director Paolo Valenciano and sound engineer Sho Hikino.

Unique notably left IV Of Spades in 2018 to focus on his personal endeavours.

“Somebody had a reunion at the Eheads reunion rehearsals,” Valenciano shared in the caption to his post, which included a selfie with all four members of IV Of Spades.

Hikino shared his excitement for the concert in his post that also included a selfie with the group, though he noted that IV Of Spades are not the opening band for the concert, much to the dismay of commenters.

IV Of Spades first announced their hiatus in August 2020 through a message posted on Facebook, stating that its individual members “needed time off as a band” and would be “busy pursuing some other personal interests”.

Each member of IV Of Spades has since gone on to launch their own solo projects, the most recent of which came in the form of Zild Benitez’ third album ‘Medisina’, which was released on October 31 and features the previously released singles ‘Duda’, ‘Duwag’, ‘Isang Anghel’ and the album’s title track.

His album was preceded by Blaster Silonga’s debut solo album, ‘My Kosmik Island Disk’, which was released on October 8. In an interview with NME about the release of his debut album, Silonga shared his thoughts on the state of IV Of Spades at the time they announced their hiatus, sharing: “People always focused on the same things about us – the virtuoso playing, the catchy songs, the look, even our being young: all very superficial things. And in the end, it started having this, like, clown effect.”

“We were, literally, just entertainers – like everything was just for show,” he said, adding that IVOS became “parodies of ourselves” and “caricatures of what we supposedly were.”

A music video for their track ‘Black & White’ was recently released as the theme song for superhero high school drama Ero earlier this year in September.

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