Joyless UK Civil Service Bureaucrats Ban Members from Hosting Christmas Parties

How the Grinch Stole Christmas is the story of a creature who tries to cancel Christmas before discovering the true meaning of the holiday and sharing in the joy himself.  The leftists in charge of United Kingdom’s civil service, however, are fully set on crushing their members’ spirits.

Civil servants received notices from their superiors that they cannot host traditional Christmas parties for fear the celebrations might exclude other faiths. Instead, they can only hold alcohol-free “festive celebrations.”

The crackdowns on such joyous occasions have already begun. From Breitbart:

One civil servant also claims that he was told to find a restaurant for his department’s party that does not serve alcohol seemingly in the hopes of being more inclusive towards those in the workforce who do not consume the substance.

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“We’re in a situation where, in the name of inclusivity, one member of staff is being allowed to dictate what other members of staff can or cannot drink,” the unnamed civil servant reportedly told the newspaper.

Another worker within a government department reportedly said that they were forbidden from drinking at their totally-not-a-Christmas party, though is said to have attributed the ban to Boris Johnson’s myriad of controversies surrounding the drinking of alcohol at end-of-year bashes during lockdown, rather than some religious or woke cause.

The bigotry against Christian celebrations seems to have roots in civil service’s so-called “faith and belief” toolkit.  Here is a short synopsis of the Orwellian regulation:

“Quite often, people worry about whether it’s still OK to have a work Christmas party if someone in the team doesn’t celebrate Christmas–or whether it’s OK to suggest drinks after work.”

“The answer is usually just to think things through based on the preferences of the individuals in your team and try to offer a range of choices and activities over the year so that no-one feels excluded. Your aim should be to make sure that feeling part of the team doesn’t depend on people taking part in activities they’re not comfortable with.”

The government alone cannot be blamed for the war on Christmas and Christianity in general. British society as a whole has turned away from Christ. For the first time in history, less than half of all believers in England and Wales now practice the Christian faith.

Muslims and atheists have taken the place of those who have left Christianity. Those claiming “No religion” make up about 37% of the population compared to 46% for Christianity.

The far-left UK civil service in many respects reflects the disheartening trends in British society. Such crackdowns on Christmas celebrations will worsen if more people leave Christianity behind.

Britain fast needs an infusion of joy and faith in order to preserve the Christmas spirit. The nation will otherwise become full of miserable grinches.

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