The Justice Division has submitted suit from the state of Texas to block its regulation banning most abortions, Attorney Typical Merrick Garland claimed on Thursday, setting up a substantial-stakes legal battle following the Supreme Courtroom allowed the law to go into outcome before this month.

“That act is clearly unconstitutional beneath prolonged-standing Supreme Court docket precedent,” Garland mentioned at a information conference. “People precedents keep, in the phrases of Planned Parenthood compared to Casey, that ‘regardless of whether exceptions are designed for specific situations, a state may not prohibit any female from producing the best choice to terminate her being pregnant before viability.'”

He accused Texas Republicans of crafting a “statutory plan” as a result of the regulation “to nullify the Structure of the United States.”

“It does not depend on the state’s government department to enforce the legislation, as is the norm in Texas and everywhere else. Instead, the snatcher deputizes all personal citizens with no any exhibiting a own connection or harm to provide as bounty hunters licensed to recuperate at least $10,000 for every assert from people who aid a woman’s exercise of our constitutional legal rights,” he stated.

As part of its lawsuit, Garland said the DOJ is seeking an quick court order avoiding the enforcement of SB8 in Texas.

Garland also created apparent that the Justice Division would not be reluctant to get similar authorized action from other states that could possibly pursue a identical route to prohibit abortions.

“The extra threat here is that other states will follow comparable products,” Garland mentioned, and he denied that the conclusion to file the match now was in any way primarily based on political pressure from Democrats or the White Home.

The lawsuit accuses Texas lawmakers of enacting the regulation “in open up defiance of the Constitution.”

“The United States has the authority and obligation to make certain that Texas are unable to evade its obligations less than the Constitution and deprive people of their constitutional rights by adopting a statutory plan made exclusively to evade regular mechanisms of federal judicial overview,” the lawsuit states. “The federal govt hence provides this go well with specifically versus the State of Texas to obtain a declaration that S.B. 8 is invalid, to enjoin its enforcement, and to defend the rights that Texas has violated.”

The accommodate also alleges that the legislation conflicts with federal regulation by intending to prohibit federal agencies from carrying out their duties similar to abortion products and services.

“Mainly because S.B. 8 does not consist of an exception for conditions of rape or incest, its terms purport to prohibit the federal authorities and its employees and agents from accomplishing, funding, reimbursing, or facilitating abortions in these instances,” the lawsuit claims.

Garland cautioned that the Texas legislation should really problem all Us citizens, regardless of their politics.

“This variety of scheme to nullify the Structure of the United States is just one that all Us citizens, whatever their politics or occasion, should fear. If it prevails, it could become a model for motion in other places by other states and with respect to other constitutional rights and judicial precedents,” he mentioned.

“Nor just one require imagine tough or extensive to recognize the damage that would be accomplished to our culture if states were being authorized to carry out guidelines that empower any private specific to infringe on another’s constitutionally protected legal rights in this way. The United States has the authority and the responsibility to make sure that no state can deprive persons of their constitutional rights by means of a legislative scheme especially built to prevent the vindication of those legal rights,” he reported.

The Texas statute, which is the most restrictive abortion law in the place, bars doctors from furnishing abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected, or as shortly as six months into a pregnancy — typically prior to a female would even know they ended up pregnant. There is an exception for health-related emergencies, but not in circumstances of rape or incest.

Very last 7 days, the U.S. Supreme Court formally turned down a request by Texas abortion suppliers to block the state’s extreme new legislation as legal problems proceed.

The unsigned buy from the courtroom stated the companies experienced “elevated severe queries regarding the constitutionality of the Texas legislation at concern,” but additional “their application also offers elaborate and novel antecedent procedural queries” that they had been not able to take care of.

The new legislation has brought on outrage from those people who assist a women’s suitable to an abortion nationwide. Providers like Uber and Lyft have offered to spend legal costs for any driver who is sued under the law and courting apps Match and Bumble, the two headquartered in Texas, pledged to help females trying to find abortions.

On the other aspect, quite a few condition lawmakers have claimed they intend to duplicate the wording of the Texas law in buy to enact very similar bans in their states.

ABC News’ Meredith Deliso and Alexandra Svokos contributed to this report.