Labour Environment Spokesmen Fly 11,000Km... to Meet British Companies – Guido Fawkes

Labour Environment Spokesmen Fly 11,000Km… to Meet British Companies


Labour’s shadow environment team spaffed 3.7 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere on a round trip to the COP15 summit in Canada. While even in normal circumstances, environmentally-showboating politicians should be using Zoom for these meetings, Alex Sobel and Ruth Jones’ jolly over the Atlantic is even more ironic as they used the opportunity to meet with… the RSPB. A British charity with headquarters a mere 80-minute train ride from Westminster…

He also received a briefing from Climate Policy Radar, a “Data-sci & machine learning to unlock global climate law & policy data”. A group of boffins from… LSE, based in London.

Third on Sobel’s agenda was a briefing on the latest state of play on #COP15 negotiations”. By… DEFRA civil servants.

All in all an excellent trip, and very helpful to the environment. No doubt Londoners being shafted by the ULEZ expansion won’t see any hypocrisy at all…

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