LegalTech company Legl has picked up $18 million in a funding round for its SaaS platform designed to ease the way for law firms to mitigate risk for their clients.

Legl has inked deals with over 170 law firms in the past two years as its system drives workflow driven payments and automates business processes helping firms to reduce their risk profile nd improve their client experience.

The founder, Julia Salasky is used to legal startups, having already founded CrowdJustice, the access to justice platform in the UK.

“By focusing on the business processes of law firms, which are complex, regulated businesses, Legl is able to enable law firms to focus on what they do best – law,” said Salasky.

“From compliance to payment, risk to finance, Legl allows law firms to drive efficiencies and revenue, but also a unified view of their client base and a better client experience. We’re thrilled to close this funding round which, alongside our brilliant investors and their expertise, networks and understanding of the market, will drive growth and impact for us and for our clients.”

Leading The Tech Charge

“In the legal tech space, people focus on the delivery of legal services, but actually there’s nothing that’s focused on the business of law itself,” she told funding partner Octopus Ventures.

Legl is changing that, she said. “We’re listening out for the problems and how we can solve them in a way that makes sense. It’s an important problem that we’re solving. Legal services isn’t just a huge commercial industry, it’s also an important social good.” Legl is removing the time-consuming, admin-heavy work that lawyers can’t bill for, so they can focus on what they’re best at — doing legal work.”

War Crimes To Law Tech

The former war crimes lawyer, who worked at the UN on the War Crimes Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, followed by a stint at the UN Commission for International Trade Law. Her early law years were spent at Linklaters.

“I was recently clearing out some papers and came across a performance review from my time at Linklaters,” Julia recalls. “It said, ‘Julia is a pleasure to work with but she sometimes has strong opinions and should be careful not to cross those more senior than her.’ It seems funny reading it now, knowing that I ended up jumping off the hierarchical career ladder that a law firm offers and that my ‘strong opinions’ are now reasonably useful in a context where I have to make quick decisions all day every day.”

Covid has accelerated the move by law firms to digital in the legal industry, and Julia Salasky and her team, with their deep expertise across legal, SaaS and fintech, are in prime position to win the market.

“I had a lot of good advice at the beginning of this journey, but often didn’t know what to do with it. In fact the biggest learnings came from getting things wrong. It’s been about finding a path through, when there was no path in front of you. It’s evolved organically. Back in the institutional environment there was not only a path, there was a ladder.”

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