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LAHORE: Punjab Cabinet on Sunday hit the federal government for refusal to sign the agreement on the Great Tali Canal (GTC) with Asian Development Bank (ADB) before the deadline of deadline.

Punjab CM Chaudhry Pervez Elahi chaired the fifth provincial cabinet meeting. in which cabinet recorded the protest against federal government.

Punjab government accused the Center for unable to secure credit for in next phase of Bolshoy Tal Canal (GTC) project before the deadline, so the Asian Development Bank (ADB) declined extend the term of signing the loan.

Addressing the cabinet, Pervez Elahi lashed out at the federal government for its incompetence, which costs the country one billion dollars in lost foreign currency. federal government demonstrated hostility towards the Punjab nation and ruined the farmers economically.

“If there was an agreement on the Great Tal Canal (GTC), farmers would receive water and be self-sufficient. in wheat.” He further added.

“If there was an agreement on Big Tal Canal, farmers would get water, Pakistan would be self-sufficient in wheat and one billions of dollars can be saved by not importing wheat, adding to this the Punjabi government will go to last degree for It’s right.” CM This was stated by Punjab Perwaiz Ilahi, criticizing Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif.

$200 million worth of “Credit 4167-PAK: Irrigation Project of the Big Talsky Canal” was to be mastered on building in next phase of GTC project in Punjab.

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