Ronna Romney McDaniel Won't Blame Election Losses On 'Trump,' So Let's Talk About ... 'Ticket Splitting!'

Oh, Ronna! Why do you want this stupid job anyway? Haven’t you embarrassed yourself enough? Let the Pillow weirdo have a turn at the RNC. That guy seems to have an infinite capacity for humiliation, the main qualification for running this party into the ground anyway.

LOL, just look at this shit.

“Would you publicly say that Donald Trump bears any responsibility for some of the losses in the midterm elections?” Fox Business’s Stuart Varney, a stalwart ally of the Republican party, asked RNC Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel this morning.

“I don’t like this,” McDaniel responded petulantly. “I don’t like these parceling out because he supported Ted Budd, who won. He supported JD Vance, who won.”

“Here’s the one thing I think people should be talking about,” she went on. “The amount of ticket splitting. The amount of Republicans who voted for a Republican at the top of the ticket — look at Arizona, the top vote getting was a Republican, look at Georgia where eight of nine statewide races [were] won by Republicans — but why are Republicans going and voting for one Republican and not the other?”



As Your Wonkette has pointed out on many, many occasions, Donald Trump stuck the GOP with some extremely shitty candidates. And while it might be politically expedient for McDaniel to pretend otherwise, particularly as she’s trying to get re-elected as leader of the RNC fresh off a lackluster midterm result for the GOP, the examples she cited rather prove the point.

Sure, we’ll give her Ted Budd, who won his Senate race by a measly two percent in North Carolina. And yes, JD Vance, Trump’s endorsed candidate in the Ohio Senate race, did beat Democrat Tim Ryan by five points. But Governor Mike DeWine, whom Trump despised, won his race by 25 points. So clearly there was a fair amount of ticket splitting in the blood red Buckeye State after the former president saddled Republicans with a crap nominee.

And the fact that Arizona’s “top vote getter” was the candidate for treasurer doesn’t negate the reality that Trump saddled them with Blake Masters, Kari Lake, Mark Finchem, and Abraham Hamadeh, who then proceeded to lose their races for Senate, governor, secretary of state, and attorney general. Yes, the incoming treasurer Kimberly Yee won by nine points. But she did it without Trump’s endorsement. Why did so many Republicans vote for her and not those other four goons? It’s a mystery to Ronna!

Why did Herschel Walker lose when Republicans, including Governor Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, whom Trump actively campaigned against, won? Seems like there might have been some ticket splitting there, since both Kemp and Senator Raphael Warnock wound up with more than 50 percent of the vote. Could it be that Trump convinced a demented loon to decamp from Texas and jump into the Georgia Senate race, causing Republicans to vote for one Republican and not the other?

But maybe Stuart Varney reads this little mommyblog (Hi, Stu!) since McDaniel’s preposterous claims seemed to be too much for him to let pass.

“It’s Trump,” Varney demanded. “The answer is Trump, isn’t it?”

“I’m not into the blame game,” McDaniel responded sulkily. “I think it’s too quick, and I think you can’t parcel out, well this endorsement helped this one and this … it’s the whole message, it’s what did each candidate do, it’s what was their turnout. But most importantly, how do we get independents to support Republicans. And how do we get Republicans to support other Republicans? And this infighting within our party is never going to help that. We need Trump voters, we need McCain voters, we need Romney voters, and then some if we’re going to beat the Democrats.”

No hostage! No hostage! You’re the hostage of a parasite who is turning your party into a toxic cesspool that’s repellant to your own voters.

Good luck, Ronna. With Trump coming back to fuck shit up in 2024, you’re gonna need it.


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