The global financial get is at an inflection point. South Korea, the 11th largest financial system and a technologically advanced democracy, will perform an critical position in the future of state-of-the-art production with reducing-edge systems, the evolution of the regional trade architecture, and in transnational difficulties these as growth finance and infrastructure, local climate transform, and eco-friendly progress. Opportunities for cooperation in these spots abound, specifically with South Korea’s closest ally the United States, but obstacles also lie ahead.

On May possibly 25, the Centre for East Asia Plan Reports at the Brookings Establishment will host a series of conversations to evaluate South Korea’s function in the new geoeconomics of Asia. The keynote session will element a dialogue with Tarun Chhabra, senior director for technologies and national security at the Countrywide Security Council, on the latest developments in the U.S.-ROK marriage, overlapping interests in higher-tech industries such as semiconductors, and investment by South Korean firms in the U.S. Following the keynote dialogue will be two qualified panels on South Korea’s function in Asia’s new trade architecture and as a service provider of regional general public items to the location.

On the web viewers can post thoughts for the speakers by way of e-mail to [email protected] or through Twitter at #ROKgeoecon.