If you’re seeking a high-paying job in information and computers, financial management or medical care, the state of South Carolina might have what you want.

And even if those don’t fit, there are plenty of other top salary jobs offered by the state.

The state currently has 45 open positions listed on its jobs portal website that offer pay up to more than $100,000 a year. But out of them all, only one can offer the most of the top 10 with the highest salaries.

The top spot goes to chief information security officer, with a salary range of $155,000 to $175,000.

The state’s website shows the position, first posted as open on July 12, would be located in Richland County working for the South Carolina Department of Administration. The person hired would be responsible for “managing the development, implementation and monitoring of the state’s enterprise information security program to ensure the availability, integrity and confidentiality of the information owned, controlled, processed by, or otherwise entrusted to the state of South Carolina.”

The next highest-paid open job offered by the state is manager of project management, with a salary range of $94,315 to $174,495.

The person hired would also work in Richland for the Department of Administration in its division of technology. He or she would lead teams to develop strategies and enable initiatives to further agency goals and meet customer requirements. The person hired would be required to manage the definition, planning, development, implementation, logistics and budgets of various projects.

If those two jobs aren’t what you’re looking for, then maybe being a chief financial officer would fit the bill.

With a salary range of $77,513 to $143,415, this position is in Richland County for the South Carolina Department of Disabilities and Special Needs. The person hired would preferably have management experience as a first-line supervisor, technical experience in organizational budgeting, financial accounting, cost accounting, procurement and budget appropriations in South Carolina state government, according to the job posting.

To view the total list of open South Carolina state government jobs and to apply, click here.

Below are the state’s eight other highest-paying, open full-time jobs.

  • Psychologist: Division of Health Services – mental health

$87,195 – $129,223

  • Nurse practitioner: SC Department of Disabilities and Special Needs — Whitten Regional Center

$77,513 – $143,415

  • Chief financial officer: South Carolina State University

$77,513 – $143,415

  • Program manager: Department of Mental Health

$77,513 – $143,415

  • Nurse practitioner: Department of Mental Health

$77,513 – $143,415

  • Senior Cloud Engineer: Department of Administration

$77,513 – $143,415

  • Accounting/fiscal manager: Department of Social Services

$63,707 – $117,870

  • Psychologist: Department of Juvenile Justice

$63,707 – $117,870

This story was originally published July 18, 2022 5:00 AM.

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