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We at UNpc have been saying years that, the real bully, in the Room is the Teachers. Unions, and the Union controlled Education Boards. They like our politicians do not represent there Members, they not only have a disconnect with the teachers, but are Purposely

Going against the teachers and Parents  beliefs. Also the most important person in all that isn’t even mentioned or represented, (the Children) they need a voice, a free voice. We have many past articles describing the waste and corruption in the Teachers Unions.

Some Solutions 

Teachers with our firm support need to push back, and Quit the union , but put together their own organized Labor group, by state ? Pay $10;00 a month, and the President and vice President are volunteers only (for prestige of helping there fellow educators, and there own “do the right thing”, they can only serve  2 yrs max, keeping it less political.

The voucher system that 76% of Americans want, will have a large impact on Improving our educations system.

Real Solutions 

Replace the Unions with Self governing Organized Labor

Get rid of 70% of Administration costs, wastes and corruption. 

Pass Voucher system for all students 

Get rid of tenure, no one can be fired W/O cause (needs better definitions 

Look at retirement funding for a more secure funding.

INCREASE TEACHERS PAY K-12 BY. 50% let them get more now. 

College costs need to be lowered, very bad fiscal management in most of our colleges.

We can fix a lot of our Education By empowering the Teachers and the Students.

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