Additional troops in Estonia will be deployed by the US. On this occasion, the Estonian Ministry of Fisheries confirmed this information.


It was stated that the American HIMARS missile system and equipment related to that system will also be deployed to Estonia. American news agency AP reports that to boos NATO defenses the US deployed more troops to Estonia.

Estonian Defense Minister Hanno Pevkur (Hanno) said the decision marks a significant increase in the alternating US military presence in Estonia and the Baltic states.

Pevkur stated that the decision shows the long-term commitment of the USA to the security of the region and the stronger presence of NATO.

A US infantry unit typically has 80 to 250 soldiers.


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At a time when the Ukrainian-Russian war is raging, the announced deployment of forces in Estonia, a NATO member and neighbor of Russia, is believed to be aimed at strengthening NATO’s eastern flank.

Estonian defense officials announced on December 3 that they will buy the HIMARS missile system from the USA, a purchase worth 200 million dollars.


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