In an uncontested divorce, the non-fault reasons are accepted by both parties. Having lived in two different places for at least two years, there are fundamental disparities.  The entire procedure might just take a few months if both couples wish to get divorced, have no young children, and choose all terms of a divorce settlement. 

However, it does not follow that your uncontested divorce preparations cannot fail. Making a consultation with Collin County divorce lawyer can be a great solution. But we recommend to learn the basics before you take your steps making a decision. Here are some actions you may do to keep your goals on track and prevent litigation.

5 Tips for a Successful Uncontested Divorce

If you’re getting a divorce, you may be tempted to ignore the process and hope that it goes away. However, an uncontested divorce is definitely something worth pursuing if possible. Here are some tips for a successful uncontested divorce:

1. State your commitment to an uncontested divorce together

It will help you both a great amount of cash and time as your relationship breaks down, and you will both require funds as you prepare your futures, if you can accept this one last item. If you disapprove or need more time to think things out, that’s fine too. Simply keep your eyes on the prize of progress and try to reach an agreement.

2. Concur on the issues that must be remedied

Create a list of the topics that will be settled in the divorce when you are sitting down jointly. You must reach an uncontested divorce agreement on all issues, including alimony, property distribution, child support, and custody. These are delicate subjects that must be handled with care. Your efforts to bargain for what means more to you can be aided by deciding what matters to you the most right away.

3. Keep the disclosures straightforward yet truthful

The time to be open is right now. Disclosure of all information can assist prevent the unavoidable bombshell that will occur if your spouse learns some embarrassing facts about you or your money from their lawyer. Anything one of you might be attempting to cover up will be discovered in the process of discovery. Also keep in mind that if you are discovered to be hiding money and wind up having to go to court, the judge will not be in the least bit impressed.

4. Control your emotions

A crucial factor in ensuring that your uncontested divorce stays uncontested until the judgment is issued will be your capacity to control your emotions. We have discovered that couples who have an amicable divorce are able to regulate their emotions and adopt a long-term perspective.

5. Consult a knowledgeable divorce lawyer

Nobody should try to file for divorce alone. It can be tempting to use one of the many software applications that promise to assist you to save court fees. However, the dissolution of your marriage is the dissolution of a contract; you should seek the assistance of an experienced divorce lawyer to ensure that there are no unpleasant surprises.

Bottom lines

In the end, consider all of these steps carefully, and remember that an uncontested divorce is often the fastest, cheapest and simplest method of getting a divorce. Take this opportunity to save yourself time and money, and remember that your attorney is on your side as you move towards a quick and easy divorce.