Before you can run any kinds of influencer marketing, it is important for you to learn about types of social media influencers. The reason is because you need to know which one of the influencers that actually beneficial for your marketing strategy.

Furthermore, knowing the type will also help you to determine the amount of engagement that they can bring to your brand. You should also know that to work with different types you will also need to spend different amount of money. This can help you to prepare the right budget. 

Since influencers are the people that gain power from their follower, then they can be categorized based on their follower account. It is the easiest type to see since you can basically see it through numbers on their social media. 

Types of Social Media Influencers Based on The Follower Count

1. Nano influencer

This influencer type only has less than 1k up to 10k follower so it will be easier for you see if the engagement is fake or not from their follower count. They usually have super niche follower which can help to humanize the brand.

This type of influencer is good for small business that does not have big budget for their influencer marketing. However, you need to be patient when working with them as they might not have the experience to work with any brand yet.

2. Micro influencer

This type of influencer has decent follower around 10k up to 100k followers. But they usually still need to do a lot of effort in order to gain engagement from their audience. They usually have a precise niche that they working on so their audience is also the type that really like that niche. 

You can try to work with this type of influencer when you want to target certain customers. They can help you to target large market that is targeted in certain niche. They will also give a lot of human connection to your brand as their audience usually very generic. 

3. Macro influencer

Usually content creators fall into this influencer type which have around 100k up to 1M followers. They can work in various social media from blogs, youtube, podcast and many others. Small celebrities usually fall under this category as well.

Usually there is a certain reason why the audience follow their account. Their follower count might also be inflated by the presence of bots or fake account. Because of their large following, you might need large budget if you want to work with them. 

They can help to increase your brand awareness but you need to be careful when choosing to work with them. Find influencer that can really represent your brand well so do your research first before deciding to work with them.

4. Mega influencers

This type of influencers has very large following which is more than 1M followers. They basically have won the favor of the internet since they can reach massive number of followers. 

Public figures or celebrities can also fall in this type especially those that are famous all over the world. That is why, their follower is very wide spread to various group of people from various parts of the world.

Only brand that has massive budget that can work with this type. That is why, they usually only work with brand that has huge marketing not only in one country. They can give the brand high visibility especially when there is certain campaign that they want to do. 

As you can see, different follower count will make the influencer fall under different type. Brand should also be very careful when deciding to work with different type of social media influencer. Different type can give you different benefits but you will also need to prepare different budget to work with them.