Britain’s Ambassador to Tehran Simon Shercliff was summoned to the Iranian Foreign Ministry by the head of the Third Division of Western Europe.

In the meeting held at the Foreign Ministry, the persistence of “meddling and rude statements” by British officials about Iran’s internal affairs, the UK government and media’s support for the riots and the imposition by London of unreasonable and hypocritical sanctions on Iranian citizens were strongly condemned.

The head of the Third Division of Western Europe at the ministry then stressed that efforts by Britain and the London-based and state-run media to keep the riots alive will get nowhere.

The British ambassador was told that Iran reserves the right to take countermeasures to respond to the UK sanctions.

The Iranian official also rejected as baseles London’s allegations that Iran is exporting drones to Russia, which have been leveled against Tehran without providing any proof.

The official added what has protracted the war in Ukraine is the shipment of lethal arms by Britain and its partners to Ukraine and this is constantly delaying the political settlement of the crisis.

The UK envoy said he would convey Iran’s concerns to London at the earliest.

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