Aurora Aberdeen
8137 Robinwood Way
Victoria, British Columbia Canada

July 5, 2021

Pricey D Magazine:

Enclosed is the manuscript for my lifestyle-altering manifestation manual, The Components of Abundance.

When I know that you are but a mere magazine publisher, do not restrict oneself in your contemplating.

I am asking you to be open to the infinite abundance of the Universe. The very same abundance that Mark Cuban and Elon Musk have so simply tapped into.

Do not toss this query letter in the trash! 

(I can see the long run, by the way, and I know what you are considering at this position.) 

Do not sprint off some “form letter” and lick the stamp that will reject this golden option.

For this is THE BILLION Dollar Issue! 

The prospect of a life time!

I offer you a manuscript that could convert your small, backwater Dallas press into a worldwide publisher of incredible import.

Are you intrepid adequate to remedy my question? To browse the ebook that shall hasten your own skills to manifest untold wealth and prosperity? A reserve that can recover and mend your unhappy existence on the earth plane. (What have to you have carried out in a past lifetime to be reading query letters for a dwelling?)

Are you at the very least clever ample to see the Universe knocking at your door? 

Which is perhaps the real question.

The thought for The Factors of Abundance arrived to me in my jacuzzi.

At initial unbidden and unwelcome. 

Much like this question letter has uncovered you. But it persisted. It adopted me close to like a kitten mewling for a saucer of milk, and then more than time, it became a tiger that chased me all-around my home, and ultimately, it devoured me. 

But in a great way.

I do not signify to bore you with my crafting course of action, but I believe you ought to know I am no normal writer. I am a previous U.S. Distant viewer and psychic medium. I chat to orcas and preserve flowers in comprehensive bloom—stuff like that. I like to compose in the nude with the windows open in the springtime. But my neighbors are of the nosey form. So now I am forced to wear my bathrobe even though I variety and consume my Sanka. (Caffeine will make me a nervous wreck.)

The text and strategies I have typed listed here are channeled not from “Aliens” or “Ascended Masters” but from “Infinite Intelligence.” It is rarely well worth mentioning, other than the truth that I am essentially transcribing the pretty tricks of the Universe when I produce. You will see what I am speaking about when you read my e-book.

What you seriously need to understand is that what you keep in your arms is a manuscript that will exponentially outsell The Top secret, the major “Law of Attraction” e-book that has bought around 35 million copies and made its publishers millions! 

Substantially like The Mystery, my book also bargains with manifestation and imaginative visualization, wealth and prosperity. It is some thing of “The Solution to The Solution.” It will reveal why all 35 million of the viewers of The Top secret are not yet billionaires by themselves and how they can alter that if only they examine my book, The Elements of Abundance.

Here’s what real people today are expressing about my ebook:

The Elements of Abundance is the only information to manifestation that you will at any time want!” —Nancy Regan, my bridge companion and ideal good friend. A Dallas resident, not the former U.S. First Lady.

“At 1st, I assumed it was insane, but now I guess it really works!” —Donny Regan, Nancy’s partner and award-winning Dallas woodcarver. (You need to publish his wooden decoy photographs next. They really would make a gorgeous espresso-table ebook.)

Thank you for your time and thought. But what is time? Just yet another illusion. That is what you will uncover at the time you thoroughly soak up The Factors of Abundance. 

I look ahead to listening to from you. Truly, I know you will be contacting me quickly with the excitement of a baby on Xmas morning! And I also know your six-determine progress will astonish and delight me. That is due to the fact I have previously built a vision board with your photo and heaps of glitter on it. (Just like I convey to my viewers to do!) I also know that it is just a issue of time right before my “Inner-Verse” becomes your “Outer-Verse,” my needs develop into your wishes, no matter if you want them to or not.

Sincerely yours,
Aurora Aberdeen
Former Dallas Resident and U.S. Remote Viewer

Will Clarke is the author of The Neon Palm of Madame Melançon, Lord Vishnu’s Love Handles, and The Deserving. He retains an M.F.A. from the College of British Columbia and life in Dallas with his wife and household.