The book and movie 2000 Mules Written and Produced by Dinesh D Souza is very disturbing, there is just to much real evidence to Ignore. The fact that the Justice department, and the FBI are choosing to ignore and or push back, only tells me it is factual and good. They can’t fight the facts, so start the smear campaign.

This is suggested reading or at least watch the 90 minute  movie ( which you can get for free if you look, at some of the options his Podcasts suggest, go there and subscribe,)  for every American Especially us Democrats, remember I am a conservative Democrat, trying to root out the corruption in our Govt, in all parties especially the Democrats.

This is sickening to think that mostly democrats, not all. Are manipulating the Voting system, officials, Large Nonprofit groups, backed by Mark Zuckerberg $450M why is he involved in voter groups beyond his huge influence on the lefts behalf at Facebook, kind of Greedy or Authoritarian? Also George Soros, Warren Buffet and many More Billionaires and Millionaires.


If anyone thinks, “I’m just wrong”
You have no right to say that, unless you have watched all the Video, or read the book. The facts are there. 

I think CNN or MSNBC are mostly wrong, because I watch them, and am still looking for some fact-based commentary on those channels? 

I have never been an election denier, always thought Trump overdid it? Not now. Even though I’m a Trumper.

This will get buried, in the swamp, we need to think differently, and honestly to get our Country Back.

I give this book 5 Stars for its content and bravery for Dinesh who has always been my Hero especially here. If this quality of work were done by the left exposing the   right.

The Pulitzer Prize would already, have been announced.

Great work Dinesh!

Patrick Lockhart

Founder Editor

[email protected]

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