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I’ve been doing this effort here for some 16 years or so, in the hopes
that the truth would matter and that it might make an impact.  If it
made such an impact, it wasn’t enough.

Views from 1.6 million
people around the world.  Views from Olympia, views from the House and Senate in D.C… and none of it mattered.

There’s really no point in bringing the reader the truth if they refuse to act on it.

elect and reelect liars and fake Republicans with frightening
rapidity. We’re lied to, we’re overburdened by taxes at all levels…
taxes caused or allowed BY REPUBLICANS… and what do we have to show
for it?

I knew, for example, and told you that we had no chance
in Georgia for the Senate race. The same scum counting ballots this
time counted them last time in the presidential election. They
committed rampant fraud to win then and I knew they would now.

There was never a question or a doubt. They got away
with it last time; there was never a doubt that they’d get away with it
this time.

You knew when you reelected liars or worthless
politicians like Herrera or Rivers what they had done.  But because you
refused to act by voting for the opposition, regardless of party, you
ignored their lies and abuses and betrayals and voted for them anyway,
ignorantly believing that voting a democrat in would have made any

Well, it WOULD have made a difference, just not in the way you think.

would have sent a message to these fake Republicans that there’s a cost
for when they lie to us, betray us or abuse us… that they can’t get
away with it.

In everything from alleged conservatives endorsing a drugged out, lying, threatening scumbag (Yes, that’s you, General) to sending a worthless cardboard cutout of a fake Republican Congresswoman back to reelecting legislative scum betraying us on the CRC scam to reelecting an outright liar and fake Republican like Rivers who is NEVER held accountable for her actions, REPEATEDLY documented in this blog, you failed to act and fell in line like the non-thinking sheep you are and you sent them back.

Man, that’ll teach them.

It’ll teach them that far too many of you are political idiots.

And when these people stick it to us as they inevitably will, you’ll be angry… and maybe even outraged.

But you’ll also be responsible.  AND, you’ll lack the guts to do anything about it because their level of abuse just isn’t enough and, by God, I’ll NEVER vote for a democrat.

Even when the Republican has raped you.

The ONLY power we have is at the ballot box.  And far too many of you are too frightened to use it.

And NOW, THAT power has been taken away from us.

I knew Trump was going to lose.  I knew the two Senators in Georgia were going to lose.

I knew because the writing was on the wall, just like the writing was on the wall back in 2016 when essentially NOBODY predicted a Trump victory around here.  Except me.

We have ceased to exist as either a Republic OR a democracy.

As I said earlier, there no longer is a point in voting.  They can fix the outcome easily and establishment thugs like Wyman or Kimsey neither care or will do anything about it except to deny there’s anything wrong.

Well, I’m reminded of the Titanic after they felt that bump.

And the band played on.

Our own Justice Department sat on its thumbs.  The Establishment fake Republicans like Mittens Romney did all they could to gut the Administration, and none of it mattered.  No one was held accountable for the crimes of the Obama Administration because Republicans were far too fearful to get into the fight.

And what’s the response?

Even more crimes will be committed by the scum we’ve put in charge because THERE’S NO REASON FOR THERE NOT TO BE.

Why shouldn’t Biden and his whore commit crimes, be dishonest or ignore their pledges when it suits them?

We HAD THE EVIDENCE.  And when Trump failed to act?  When Trump threatened but didn’t follow through?

I knew it was over.

So, the reality is that my meager effort here, which saw me vilified, threatened, beaten to a pulp by a fringe-left media that did their best to silence me?

Was a waste of time.

Not because it wasn’t truth.

But because it was a truth you mostly didn’t want to hear.

This closes CCP.  It was an effort that meant well, but ultimately, like they say:

Thanks for reading this.  Sometimes it’s been a hoot.  Sometimes, it’s been painful.

And now, it’s time to end it.

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