And this one involves solely the GOP.

After Rep. Kevin McCarthy won the GOP nomination for House Speaker last month in a landslide vote, some far-right House members have pushed back against the current House minority leader. Rep. Andy Biggs (Arizona) is running for speaker as well even though he has no chance of winning. The resistance could divert votes, ruining McCarthy’s chances to secure the speaker’s spot in the Jan. 3 floor election.

Gowdy, a former GOP congressman from South Carolina, had enough.

“Rather than coalescing around a legislative or investigative agenda, House Republicans are fighting with themselves over who will be the speaker,” he said. “Yes, your memory is correct. The primary for speaker was a month ago. Kevin McCarthy won with 85% of the vote. But a small yet vocal group of House Republicans will not support the winner of the primary.”

“So much for elections having consequences or respecting the will of the people or whatever platitudes uttered but only when convenient,” Gowdy continued. “This small band of Republican kamikazes are convinced Donald Trump won the presidency in 2020 with 47% of the vote yet somehow Kevin McCarthy lost the speaker’s race with 85% of the vote.”

Gowdy punctuated his protest with a punch line.

“Math never was their strong suit.”

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