Peter Navarro, the previous financial adviser to Donald Trump, explained to a federal judge on Wednesday that he is “at a severe disadvantage” and is struggling with trouble placing jointly a crew of lawful industry experts.

In a letter to choose Amit Mehta of the DC district court docket, Mr Navarro argued that despite the fact that he remained devoid of lawful illustration, the prosecution has started filing motions to force for a speedy trial.

The justice division past Friday indicted Mr Navarro for contempt of Congress after he refused to comply with a congressional subpoena from the pick committee investigating the 6 January riot at the US Capitol. He was arrested on Friday morning as he was boarding a airplane to Nashville.

Mr Navarro said in his letter that he is “very actively trying to find a authorized team” but struggling with “a range of hurdles”. Before, he had hinted at defending himself to steer clear of having to pay a significant sum in legal expenses.

“My very liberty below is at stake and I request for the court’s knowing that it will just take time both equally to discover the acceptable representation and time to build an appropriate legal strategy,” the letter go through.

The 77-year-previous reportedly also urged the judge to give him a 45-working day extension to assemble satisfactory lawful counsel and get ready his defence.

“I will speak at a afterwards day on the merits of permitting this civil suit to continue prior to any legal prosecution of what is a very controversial and unprecedented situation,” he wrote.

The former Trump adviser instructed Fox News on Wednesday that hiring a attorney would wipe out his retirement savings. “This is likely to price a half a million bucks, from what I’m staying informed… I’ll be feeding on doggy food items if I stay out of jail so I am attempting to grapple with that.”

Final week, Mr Navarro told reporters that he was “representing myself pro” mainly because he didn’t want to be “dragged down into the muck of expending hundreds of hundreds of bucks of my retirement personal savings on this form of venture”.

Meanwhile, Mr Trump has condemned his previous trade adviser’s indictment, asking why people today included in Black Lives Subject and Antifa protests were being not held to the identical account.

“Our terrific trade genius, Professor Peter Navarro, was just handcuffed, shackled, and set in jail, even though the lowlifes [sic] of ANTIFA and BLM are permitted to rip off the general public, roam free on the streets, get rid of individuals, and damage our at the time wonderful cities (all run by Democrats),” the former president stated on Real truth Social.