New Europe spoke all through the electoral campaign for the administrative election with Salim El Maoued, prospect mayor of Padova with an independent civic list. El Maoued, who speaks Arabic, Italian and English, was born in Palestine and analyzed medicine in Padova, he then got a occupation as “family doctor” in the northern city. The name of his list is “ Padova di Tutti “ which is composed by trade unionists, girls and customers of associations and foreign communities. Between the political proposals in his method El Maoued wants to produce a “ survival income “ for persons earning significantly less that 1000 Euros for each month, this evaluate could aid among the other people: people in have to have and organization entrepreneurs hit by the crisis.

New Europe:What was the beginning level of your political occupation and how you made a decision to place in place a list and operate for mayor right here in Padova?

Salim El Maoued:My political engagement starts off several several years ago with my support for the Palestinian cause then 5 a long time ago soon after observing what was likely on at regional, nationwide and also worldwide stage about men and women in will need and typically immigrants I started an association known as “Stella Polare”. This initiative was placing alongside one another activities by:people coming from numerous distinctive countries: Africa, the center east and Asia, but also Italian born sons of immigrants that skilled a tricky life right here in Italy. From below I noticed the will need to respond to to unique requires and try out to address difficulties that had been increasing day by working day, this team was launched not only by me but by lots of other individuals. All through this period of time we mentioned about numerous troubles and not only subjects related to immigration, we taken care of complications and subject areas peculiar to the city of Padova then we resolved to develop a civic, absolutely impartial listing in buy to apply the options that we started to focus on five years ago.

NE:We see that in your checklist of candidates there are also Italians, why?

SELM:I did not want to decrease all this political challenge only to immigrants, I imagine that insert also Italians was very vital because in my vision for the future, a meaningful politics ought to be inclusive, all with each other we have to function in buy to generate some thing critical. This hardly ever happened prior to, Padova is not a “easy” town to deal with then even if we have 1 of the oldest college in there globe there is nevertheless a sort of diffidence for people today coming from outdoors, in the past it was about immigrants coming from the south of Italy. I hope that that a person day Padova could acknowledge this inclusive jobs, might be now the time is not all set, it’s possible in the long run . For absolutely sure this is a town with a great deal of sons of immigrants who is also mutating, it has various cultures and it is not a static metropolis and also the political upcoming will be multi-ethnic.

NE: Did you satisfy in Italy with other “non-italian” politicians throughout this interval?

SELM:In these decades I was in contact with tons of politicians from distinct origin: Africans, Syrians, Moroccans, Egyptian, they have been in Rome, Treviso, Vicenza, Bergamo, Milano and Sicily. The situation is that I in no way saw elsewhere a so appropriate and impartial political challenge and this is our genuine toughness listed here.

NE: Are you from the remaining or from the suitable?

SELM:We are a new political project, this has the opportunity to be a authentic structured political occasion but we must function with a even bigger group, from the political position of look at we will by no means be from centre-correct of middle-left for the reason that the “classical” get together nonetheless didn’t have an understanding of this adjust that it is likely on now in entrance of us. This political job is diverse since we have diverse requires and we regulate the problems of our city in a distinctive way. We are preventing for younger citizens without having a political representation and I hope to locate citizens in other towns and ideally we could work jointly. What we skip not is a structure in a position to place jointly most people, we can be the third political celebration in this country. On the other hand from the immigrants and second technology Italian born citizens to converse about still left and suitable doesn’t make perception, they never have our political references because they are coming from other political contexts.

NE:Talking now about quantities, how lots of immigrant we have in this article with vote energy? And how quite a few in the future many years?

SELM:In Padova now there are 18.000 citizens then in the long term they could be three occasions extra. The energetic electoral pressure of the immigrants in the upcoming years is likely to be really solid, they are younger and they have a sturdy enthusiasm to work hard to produce a superior culture.

NE:You travelled a good deal for the duration of these a long time, what is in accordance to you the most essential factor to generate integration? How is it probable combine immigrants communities that here in Padova are divided?

SELM:There is not integration devoid of know-how not only from the linguistic issue of see, when immigrants will get the citizenship they never do a cultural path. We have to re-establish sure values, they have to be extra connected to the values of the hosting state. It is not easy here in Padova, you have to know the distinctive lifestyle of each country but there are factors of convergence. I see clearly the will to do a thing favourable for Padova, what is missing is a legitimate composition that preserve all these distinctive energies jointly. For me it is less difficult to get the job done with them than to collaborate with teams or realities from Padova.

NE:If you are heading to have seats in the city council which are the most interesting political locations for you?

SELM:At Padova stage for guaranteed the suburbs, the real issue is there especially from the financial and social stage of perspective, we have to do the job far more on integration. In the suburbs we can really improve the city and do a thing vital. We knowledgeable that immigrants households in the suburbs are inquiring for additional protection but we have to have concrete solutions. There are a good deal of concerns but politics in Padova is pretty far from the genuine difficulties of people with out an ample health and fitness help for case in point. Immigrants have to have far more cultural and linguistic mediators for instance in the hospitals, we require experts equipped to speak various languages in order to assistance other individuals, the challenge is that the funds were reduce to aid an efficient help system also with trainings to aid immigrants. Even if Padova is governed by a centre-still left coalition, I think there is a absence of fascination in Padova on these crucial concerns, I have never ever seen a mayor in this article who was engaged in a major dialogue with the international communities, this also indicates going to the various celebrations and ceremonies. I also hope that there will be the probability to build some tasks financed by the European Union, it would be pleasant to generate a cultural centre made for the next generation of Italians open to all, we require multicultural sites the place individuals can meet up with.