New member of White House Correspondents’ Association doesn’t pass the smell (or sanity) test –

Yesterday, MeidasTouch’s Allison Gill, who also tweets as “Mueller, She Wrote,” launched into a thread about Rudy Giuliani’s involvement with the Hunter Biden laptop story, and thus his involvement with RUSSIA.

Her thread featured this gem:

Show your work, Allison.

They are indeed just throwing crap at the wall. And they have been for some time.

Indeed. Gill was among the group of left-wing social media influencers invited to the White House this past October for a special pre-election event celebrating Joe Biden’s achievements.

But it turns out that wasn’t the last time Gill will be hanging around the White House. It gets even better:

Is that so? Well, congratulations to Allison. That’s quite a feather in her career cap.

Very distinguished group, the White House Correspondents’ Association. Gill will be a great addition, for sure. She brings so much to the table:

Yes, she’s totally fine. Totally sane.

And it’s totally fine and not at all super sketchy and suspect that the White House Correspondents’ Association would invite someone like MeidasTouch’s Allison Gill to join their illustrious ranks.

If Allison left her position at MeidasTouch, she hasn’t publicly announced it yet. And if she still works for MeidasTouch, well, that would mean that would have to be excluded from membership in the White House Correspondents’ Association.

Care to comment, WHCA?


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