You have been accused of criminal charges and are waiting for trials to begin. Do you think that you deserve to fight your defense? 

  • Do you even think that you deserve equal rights like others in society?

Remember, in a democratic setup, every individual has similar rights to how heinous and condemnable you act. You must also remember that mere acquisition doesn’t mean you are guilty of the charges. Acquisitions need to be proven on the pedestal of the court.  

In this article, we discuss certain rights that you must have when you are criminally accused. So let’s discuss them here in this article. 

Rights You Have As Criminally Accused 

There are certain rights that you must have even when you are criminally accused. Let’s discuss them in this section. 

1. Right To Information

The accused person must have the right to get information on every aspect related directly and indirectly to the case. The individual must have the right to get information on the charges made against him/her. 

They also have the right to communicate with the defense on all major developments taking place at a particular point in time. Therefore, choose a responsible criminal defense attorney that can represent you. Get help for your criminal case with a criminal defense lawyer.  

2. Right To Self Incrimination 

In a fair judicial setup, no person must be forced to incriminate himself. This is one principle that is enshrined in the constitution of different countries. The prosecutor can not use any kind of force to make the accused commit the crime. 

If this is done, this goes contrary to ethics. Law enforcement bodies must not put any undue pressure on the individual to admit the cause. If any attempt is made, your criminal defense lawyer will act to provide you with the required safeguarding.

3. Right To Present A Defense 

The accused must be provided with the opportunity to present facts and evidence to fight the defense. The said individual must be given all the rights that are enshrined by the International Court of Justice (ICJ). 

Among the list of defense-related rights, the first one is hiring a criminal defense lawyer is the most prominent one. Without an expert on law, the individual won’t be able to fight their case in a court of law. 

4. Swiftness Of Justice

It is sometimes opined that justice delayed is justice denied. We can refer to Blackstone’s famous opinion that it is much better for ten guilty persons to escape than for one person to suffer. If cases dangle, by default, innocents charged with crimes (false arrests) will suffer a great deal. 

For example, if a person is the age of 24, fighting criminal cases from seven to eight, by that time, he/she already had her chances of a professional career completely collapsed. Furthermore, marital status is in tatters. This is how the delay in justice takes the shape of injustice. 

5. Presumption Of Innocence

This one is one of the cornerstones of the modern-day judicial system. Criminal proceedings start from a presumption that the person that has been accused of a crime is not guilty. 

This keeps a certainly respectable status quo, so far as even justice is concerned. Keeping with the same spirit, the article Article 11 (1) of the International Human Right Declaration enforces the principle of presumption of Innocence. 

7. Impartiality And Non-Discrimination

Any democratic setup creates an ambiance governed by impartiality. Laws of the state are equal for all persons. 

Therefore, if you are accused of a crime, you are getting all the rights offered by the establishment. Transparency and equal opport

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