The most common belief these days is that maximum auto accidents take place close to home. But, it goes beyond just a proverb. According to research, almost 77 percent of crashes involving at least one injured person happened within 10 miles of that person’s home. As a result, they get into court cases provided that they hire a competent Yuma car accident attorney

Why is this, then? In order to avoid being held responsible for compensating the injured parties for their losses, it is crucial to comprehend why you’re more likely to get in a collision when you’re closer to your residence. Here’s why accidents are frequent in front of your residence. 

Proximity to the Home

The majority of traffic accidents occur close to people’s homes for several reasons, one of which is their physical proximity. You might go to work, athletic events, as well as other outings, but you primarily stay at home. After all, the majority of your excursions start and end at home. As a result, you simply spend more time near your home than elsewhere. The more time you spend somewhere, the more likely you will get into an accident.


You might not expect people to drive their cars at high speeds in residential areas. Yet, they do. Think back to a recent instance where you were a few moments late for work or class. Did you check that you were still traveling at the normal speed limit on your road? Or did you go a tad quicker to compensate for your lost time? 

Individuals impatient to return after a hard day at work could also begin to accelerate as they reach their house. The likelihood of a collision increases significantly when you consider that most residential streets have lower speed restrictions than roads and other routes.


If you’ve been a resident within the same place for a while, there’s a strong probability that you are familiar with the neighborhood thoroughly. Although being acquainted with a place can help minimize accidents, you are also less inclined to turn onto the wrong road or go into other places that are off-limits to vehicles. However, proximity can also make it more likely that you’ll drive carelessly in your local neighborhood. 


In a nutshell, it is imperative to state that it may be late if you don’t focus on the road ahead of you, pedestrians, and other drivers right away.

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