The Best Grill Covers of 2022 - Top Picks from Bob Vila

There is nothing quite like an outdoor grill to bring family and friends together to enjoy the summer evenings. With the grill, you can extend the kitchen outdoors and cook up a delectable range of dishes to make your get-togethers a big hit. However, since charcoal or gas grills are expensive, you will want to invest in a good-quality grill cover to protect it from dust, rain, snow, flying debris, and pests, especially during the long months it is not in use. A good grill cover will protect your expensive grill making it possible to enjoy it for many years. According to some surveys, owners have reported that a good grill cover makes it possible to keep the grill in good condition for more than a decade. Some essential tips for choosing a cover for your outdoor grill:

Get the Size Right

One of the most critical aspects of buying a cover that protects your grill effectively is the size. According to Backyard Boss, if the cover is too large, it will likely blow away in stormy weather and leave your grill exposed to dust, rain, hail, and snow. If it is small, it will not fit properly. Moisture is the single-biggest enemy of an outdoor grill because it hastens corrosion. If left exposed to the weather, even the best grills can quickly become a heap of rust. Moreover, a loose cover will allow dust, debris, and moisture to come in under it and accelerate the rusting process. You must measure the dimensions of your outdoor grill accurately to be able to protect your grill against the elements. If you are buying it from the grill manufacturer, you can be sure of getting the correct size. You should beware of third-party suppliers as their sizes can vary widely, even if they mention model compatibility.

Get the Material Right

The price of grill covers can vary a lot, and it is primarily on account of the material used. A grill cover made from cheap and thin PVC will invariably be priced lower than good quality one made from thick waterproof polyester or canvas. A thin or fragile material will crack or tear easily, especially with prolonged exposure to the elements. If you buy a cheap cover, you will need to keep replacing it at frequent intervals, and if you add the costs up, you will find that you will have spent far more than what you would have done on a good-quality cover. The best grill cover material is one that is water-resistant because even though it allows some amount of moisture in, the breathable nature of the material allows moisture to evaporate, keeping the grill dry, unlike a waterproof cover. The best materials are vinyl, polyester, nylon, and oilcloth. It is better to get a model with a thick lining to prevent the grill from scratches.


If you buy a high-quality grill cover that fits properly, you can rest assured that your expensive outdoor grill will remain well-protected from the elements and damage by nesting birds and rodents. By investing in a good grill cover, you will be able to enjoy your outdoor grill for many more years.